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    Our doors, ears and break room are always open (or at least Monday-Friday, from 9am-5pm).

    1st Floor, Block 2 Mayfair Business Centre
    Parklands Road, Westlands
    P. O. Box 17943 Nairobi 00500 Kenya


    Solutions that Inspire Business Growth.


    Through our partnerships with a diverse group of manufacturers and other businesses, we are able to provide each of our clients with a variety of options for the best possible completion of any project.

    Information Technology

    It is our goal to make client’s computer
    systems much more efficient and effective. We strive to ensure that
    productivity is enhanced and our clients are able to work much more
    smoothly than ever before.

    Software and Systems Setups

    For those companies that require IT support and various systems and software’s setup, such as:

    • Payroll Softwares – setup and management of Payroll System.
    • Accounting Software’s – that is most suitable depending on the size, needs and budget of the company.
    • ERP Systems, etc.

    We also provide basic IT support and whenever necessary, such as networking, internet connections and email setup (outlook), data backup, troubleshooting problematic connections/ software’s, formatting equipment, etc.

    Systems Analysis

    At Realtime Consultants, we understand that importance of efficient systems, and that a system downtime inevitably translates to loss of revenue.

    (+254) 780 994 337

    1st Floor 95A Next to Park Place
    Limuru Road Parklands
    P. O. Box 17943 Nairobi 00500 Kenya

    Periodic systems reviews, helps to identify potential problems. We ensure that your systems and other devices are secured with active and valid firewalls and antivirus programs.

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