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    1st Floor, Block 2 Mayfair Business Centre
    Parklands Road, Westlands
    P. O. Box 17943 Nairobi 00500 Kenya


    Our passion and diligence define our work ethic.

    If You think it is Expensive to Hire a Professional,
    Try Hiring an Amateur!

    Tax Planning, Compliance and Consultancy

    Realtime Consultants will work with you every step of the way; to ensure that you are fully advised of the tax effects of any transaction; to develop the strategies to integrate your business tax planning with your own personal tax objectives in mind; as well as work with you toward understanding your business and personal tax situation with more clarity.

    As appointed tax agents, we also advise on payment of Installment Taxes, review tax computations, and handle queries from the revenue authorities, tax advisory and planning services, etc.

    Accounting Services.

    Our accounting services include:

    • Book Keeping – Maintaining daily books of accounts according to International Accounting regulations (IAS and IFRS). Accounting for and payments of VAT, KEBS, DIT, PAYE and other statutory deductions are all covered under this service.
    • Audits – internal accounting controls are evaluated to determine the extent of transactions to be tested and confirmation with outside parties are utilized.
      Through analysis and knowledge of our clients’ businesses we are able to detect existing or potential problems that often, client management may not be able to ascertain.
      Internal audits are conducted on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annually basis, and are presented with prepared management accounts, reports of accounting system errors and weaknesses to the management.
    • Financial Review & Management – This involves verification of operations, management of material facts related to the business, thereby providing assurance on the financial and commercial aspects of the business, project costing and profitability reporting.In a review, analytical techniques are utilized to determine if material modifications of financial statements are necessary. Reviewed financial statements may help satisfy certain lenders’ or credit rating organizations’ requirements.
    • Internal Review: This involves going through accounting books on a monthly or quarterly basis and provide a report on their status, completeness, accuracy, as well as provide recommendations on changes, alert on irregularities in accounts and figures, identify loop holes and bottlenecks in the accounting system and advice on necessary improvements.
    Our work spans across different industries, ranging from plastic manufacturing, Security & Life Safety Integrators, schools, flower farms, hoteliers, general trading, Office furniture, construction companies, among others.
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