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    1st Floor, Block 2 Mayfair Business Centre
    Parklands Road, Westlands
    P. O. Box 17943 Nairobi 00500 Kenya


    Solutions that Inspire Business Growth.

    IT Solutions

    Strong relations with IT companies for your software, servers, domain names and networking requirements.

    • Business Compliance Support – services that keep businesses informed about regulations that impact any firm through the development of Policies and Procedures Manuals, Company Code of Ethics, Disaster Recovery Plans, etc.
    Financial Solutions

    Strong relations with various Banks for all your banking requirements including bank facilities, Online Banking, fixed deposits, etc.

    Payroll Management

    Setup and management of your companys’ Payroll requirements including leave management, overtime payments, etc.

    Government Compliance

    Solutions for Tax compliance, Pin and Itax applications, Management of VAT payments, and correspondence wrt deadlines, changes, and other requirements, etc.

    Secretarial Services

    Filing annual secretarial returns, annual tax returns, CR12 applications, etc.

    General Administration / Back Office Solutions

    General office setup, office maintenance, management of payment of overhead costs and bills, purchase and requisition of stationery, and equipment for the company (ETRs, Computers, etc. )

    Asset Management

    Purchase and post purchase management of Assets e.g. Vehicles, Furnitures, etc.

    HR Solutions

    Recruitment of required office Staff

    (+254) 780 994 337

    1st Floor 95A Next to Park Place
    Limuru Road Parklands
    P. O. Box 17943 Nairobi 00500 Kenya

    We pride ourselves in being innovative and creative and look beyond standard solutions to problem solving.

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